Shed Style

Shed Style Roof

Shed Style is built using the standard features listed below. The roof style is what sets Shed Style apart from Gambrel Style and Clubhouse Style.

Since we specialize in custom design,contact Andy by email, by phone: (603) 237- 8936, or fill out a Free Quote Form, to get a price on a custom design project.

Shed Style 1


  • Pressure Treated Floor Joists
  • 8' wide shed- 2x4 Joists
  • 10' Wide Sheds- 2x6 Joists
  • 4x4 Pt Beams
  • 3/4" T&G Advantech Floor
  • 5/8" Plywood on Roof
  • 30 year IKO Asphalt Shingles (choose color)
  • Gable End Vents
  • 56" Double Door
  • 20' & 24' Building- Standard 5/8 T-1-11 Pine Siding


Pricing is subject to change without notice.